Offset Printing method

Offset printing is the most widely used printing method for mass production. Its commonly used for medium and large media print runs and a wide variety of cardboard and corrugated cardboard packaging( boxes, containers) and paper (paper labels).

Offset is based on the imprint of the subject on the surface of flat metal printing plates in such a way that allows different chemical reactions of the various areas of its surface. After this procedure, the subject is transferred (offset) to rubber rollers and then to the print media. In practice, Offset printing method has borrowed this attribute from lithography and this is the reason why it is often referred as lithographic printing. For this method, the material feed is made in sheets, while the used inks have a pasty form.

ektupotiki plaka offset
Offset printing plate


Products and Applications

Some of the products we produce with Offset printing method are:

Boxes from corrugated cardboard
Paper labels
Carton ribbons for Pasta
Agricultural Packaging from paper and carton

mixani offset
Offset printing machine



In our facilities there are Offset machines capable to satisfy your needs around the field of packaging. Having specialized staff and modern Offset printing methods, our company supports the increased needs of its clients, focused on supplying them with qualitative and integrated solutions.